Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but as many of you know, this blog coincides with a class I am taking, and we have taken a break from blog posts. But I'm back. First I'd like to address some of the comments that were written on various posts because there really isn't another way I can respond. First, a couple of people have asked for me to back up my opinions with other points of view or statistics. That's an interesting idea, but I like my opinions and that is what this blog is about. Most of what I write here is strictly opinion, unless stated otherwise, and I don't care one way or the other if people agree with me. As far as giving myself credibility, I would rather someone here what I have to say, because it is not always going to be the same thing that more credible sources have to say. 

Other posts have respectfully disagreed with what I have said, and that is totally cool with me. These lists that I am creating should, if nothing else, create discussion for you guys who are reading it. And if you want to take these lists and bring the arguments to your friends, then I will consider any reaction a success. 

Lastly I want to thank everyone for posting comments on what I have to say and want to encourage you to keep doing so. It probably won't change my opinions, but it creates discussion and that's kick ass.

OKAY! Back to this week's post. I decided to do something special during spring break. Something epic. Something monumental. It took a lot of time to do this, and I had to make an amendment to the original format, but it is my blog and I can do whatever I want. In other words, because of the magnitude of this list, I had to change the format from 10 to 25. So without further delay, here is my list for my top 25 FAVORITE (as opposed to what I think are the greatest; there is a difference) movies of all time.

25. The Adventures of Robin Hood: This is of course the version from the '30s. It kicks serious ass. Lots of action, good story, epic scale.

24. V for Vendetta: One of the greatest stories of revenge ever told.

23. Wag the dog: This is a hilarious political commentary that actually became quite timely when it came out.

22. Terminator 2. This is my favorite pure action movie. Good story, good acting and an incredible villain that never quits. It's awesome.

21. Ratatouille: I know I said No Country for Old Men was better in a previous post, but time changes things and this movie is easier to watch multiple times, which counts for something.


19. Saving Private Ryan: So many war movies try and miss the mark. Others try and make it look extremely real. Saving Private Ryan makes you feel like you are actually in a war, and that isn't even the best part of the movie.

18. Forrest Gump: Something about this movie just sticks with everyone who watches it. It could be the countless quotes, or the unforgettable characters, or Tom Hanks, but I will never forget the scene where he is running across the states. It's beautiful.

17. Dumb and Dumber: Non-stop roll over laughing comedy.

16. It's a Wonderful Life: I cry during this movie every Christmas.

15. Wedding Crashers: "Let's go shoot some bird, I'm psyched."

14. The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring: How could something so nerdy be so bad ass at the same time.
13. Back to the Future: "When this baby hits 88mph, you're gonna see some serious shit."

12. Raiders of the Lost Arc: One of the most ultimate bad asses of all time. This is a classic among classics.

11. Casablanca: "Of all the gin joints in all the world," "Here's looking at you kid," "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

10. Finding Nemo. My favorite animated movie ever. It is just incredible.

9. Batman Begins: Hands down the best superhero movie. It's better than the original Batman, though they were different styles. This summer's Dark Knight might have something to say about it.

8. Unforgiven: Scary good. I'm completely intrigued by the old west, and this movie hits it closest to the mark in my opinion. It seems the most real.

7. Jaws: "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

6. The Big Lebowski: "That carpet really tied the room together, Dude."

5. Cinderella Man: Possibly the most underrated movie of all time.

4. Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back: You know, Darth Vador never says "Luke, I am your father." He just says "No, I am your father." The most famous movie quote of all time has been misquoted all this time.

3. E.T. : The greatest last fifteen minutes of any movie.

2. The Shawshank Redemption. One of two movies that I consider to be flawless.

1. The Godfather: This is the other. "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." "I believe in America." " Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Just missed it:

Schindler's List: Too intense to be one of my favorites. That doesn't mean it isn't great, though.

Lonesome Dove: It isn't technically a movie, but a four part mini series about the old west. It's based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, which is also my favorite book ever.

To Kill A Mockingbird: "Jean Louise. Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passing."


John Eightclip said...

This is a pretty good list. While reading it though I thought of a bit of a challenge for you. I don't blame you if you don't accept. However, I believe you should watch movies that come in trilogies or more all the way through and comment on those movies. In fact, make a documentary about your watching these movies. It would be great. Call it "Trilogy: a young man watches trilogies start to finish". Some to think about.
Godfather Series, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Jaws, Back To The Future... and there's more. Good luck sir.

Grant said...

Another awesome and even longer post Josh. Like what you've posted. My favorite movies on your list are "Forrest Gump," "E.T.," "Finding Nemo," "Back to the Future," and "Terminator 2." I'm surprised you didn't add other great movies like "Jurassic Park," "Pirates of the Carribean" or any other Disney/Pixar film.

Tony Fantano said...

Your blog is so captivating. Everyone loves a good best of the best list. Josh i thank you for your time in compiling this list. It was entertaining leanring your preferences for movies and getting your opinions out there is what blogging is all about. On the format of your blog you should try to keep the lists before the comments on the comments.

From Tony

Caleb said...

Good stuff. I am glad you are putting in historical classics as well. No list would be complete without putting those into consideration. I am glad you put E.T. up in the top three. That movie hits something in just about every kid around our age.

I have never seen V for Vendetta. And that is a bold statement about the greatest revenge story. I'd like to see it. But I do have one that would give it a run for it's money. Oldboy. I truly insist that you see this. It's a bit twisted.